About the Book

Everyday Love – A Mother’s Guide to Healthy Cooking for Kids is a must-have cookbook for parents of school-going children. It is also ideal for beginner cooks (kids, teenagers and single adults) and families in general.


Beautifully designed, with fabulous photographs and illustrations, Everyday Love provides answers to dilemmas that most parents face on a daily basis.

How do I make school lunch boxes exciting as well as healthy? How do I get my children off junk and into nourishing food? With so much information overload, how do I even know what is good for them? 


What’s in the book:

  • Nutrition tips simplified into what to and what not to feed your kids

  • Laying a foundation for good food preferences that will last a lifetime 

  • Planning a healthy weekly menu to resolve daily dilemmas

  • A range of 170 + tried and time-tested recipes for breakfast, school lunches, snacks and treats that use locally available wholegrains, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds

  • How to bake healthy breads, cakes, cookies and pizzas – adapted for the Indian kitchen


The book has 256 full colour pages and weighs 1 kilogram!

Stunningly designed and beautifully illustrated

"Sharmila, I could not have managed this transition to everyday cooking in the US without your book. I use the book every single day and I’m not exaggerating. One of my sons has loved caramel custard right from when he was small and I used your recipe to make it for the first time in my life from scratch- your instructions are so superb and precise - he was so thrilled. I have promised each of my sons a copy of your book when they start cooking. It’s a must buy for anyone starting to cook on their own and for all families. Except the desserts, I have virtually tried out every recipe in the book!"

Zahira Hassen (She bought an advance draft copy of the book before she moved to the US in June 2017)